Coastal Road Rage

I work in town and have had the distinct displeasure to cross paths with aggressively expressive drivers over the past several months. What’s the deal? We live in Coastal Maine – Vacationland. With horns blowing, hands waving, lips moving and middle fingers purposely displayed, I have to say this is not a trend that I hope lasts. Come on people – find a different way to express your frustrations. Do some soul searching: do you need to drink tea, read a good book, do some extreme self-care?

I know this is not exampled a lot lately, but we should be striving to get along. We are all wonderfully fallible human beings…it makes us interesting and incredible. I hope we can forgive, forget and lay off the crass behavior when someone doesn’t do something we want (or expect) them to do — because we’re all on the road together — either in a car or in life.

Lynne O'Leary Annis



Kind words for Pen Bay Medical Center

Our family has just lost our brother to cancer combined with other medical complications. We recently spent 14 days coming and going through the doors visiting at all hours of the day. We witnessed the shift changes and the team coordination of all the staff working together. Mind you, our brother was just one of many people undergoing care. We were so impressed with the staff on the floor where our brother was located. We were personally cared for as well during those visits. We are very thankful to Pen Bay Medical Center and all the talented people who work there.

Over the past nine months, we accompanied our brother to his many visits with pncology, primary care physicians and palliative caregivers. Going through these experiences can get complicated and excellent guidance is critical to the morale and health of the patients. We were able to accompany our brother to his many office visits being another set of ears and asking questions of the doctors about the next steps. The care and the staff at all levels were gracious, kind, professional and humorous. Having some fun in tough times is very important and it meant a lot to our brother that his team of caregivers had a sense of humor.

We would like to express our great appreciation for Pen Bay Medical Center. We are very fortunate to have such a great hospital located here in the Midcoast. Pen Bay has many wonderful people who are employed there, who travel long distances and in all types of weather for their jobs.

Thank you all so very much.

The Eddy Family