The Knox County Commission is asking for nominations to the Airport Public Advisory Committee.

The committee is designed to provide a link between Midcoast communities, the airport manager and the county.

The 10-seat committee is specifically tasked to facilitate airport communications flow, to and from local communities and citizens, as well as provide aviation, environmental and business advice for airport management. Committee members are appointed to the 10 seats, with staggered terms.

The Owls Head seat, the Flying Club seat, and the commercial pilot seat expire this year. The County Commission is seeking nominations to fill these seats, for three-year terms.

The commission will make these appointments at its April 9 meeting.

Nominations should be sent to Airport Manager Jeff Northgraves ( or any current member of the APAC by March 11.

The APAC will compile these nominations for the County Commission. Citizens interested in becoming a member of the APAC should notify the Owls Head Town Office, the Flying Club or the company they fly for as soon as possible.

The APAC normally meets the second Monday of each od -month in the airport manager’s office, at 4:30 p.m. There are three standing sub-committees — The Environmental/Public Relations Sub-Committee, the Operations/Maintenance Sub-Committee and the Business Plan Sub-Committee — which meet on an as-needed basis. All these meetings are open to the public and anybody interested in attending any meeting or serving on one of the sub-committees should contact the airport manager or one of the APAC members:

The members are Owls Head Seat: Adam Philbrook, Owls Head (term expires 2019)

District 1 Seat: Maynard Curtis, Owls Head (term expires 2021)

District 2 Seat: Roger Peabody, Warren (term expires: 2020)

District 3 Seat: Dick Witherspoon, North Haven (term expires: 2021)

Environmental Seat: Vivian Newman, South Thomaston (term expires: 2021)

South Thomaston Seat: Mike Florance, South Thomaston (term expires: 2020)

Business Seat: Greg Peet, South Thomaston (term expires: 2021)

Airport Business Seat: Shane Burns, Appleton (term expires: 2020)

Flying Club Seat: Ron Vanosdol, Camden (term expires: 2019)

Commercial Pilot: Kate Shaw, Owls Head (term expires: 2019).

The Owls Head seat must be filled by a nominee provided by the Owls Head Select Board