If you were born today, February 25 of any year, you are receiving many gifts from the fact that the Sun in Pisces is in a positive aspect to Mars in Taurus. This aspect gifts you with plenty of energy to get things moving in the right direction. You've got the power, the determination, confidence and courage to make the changes that your inner Guidance is directing you towards.

The year ahead from birthday to birthday will be about  becoming more and more of who you really are- no more "hiding it under a bushel."

Also Uranus is about to enter into Taurus until 2026. For now that brings positive energy for early Pisces born people born between February 20 – 26. All Pisces people born during these dates will benefit from the Uranus energy, which will bring about sudden shifts in consciousness due to a need to have more freedom and to act immediately upon intuitive Guidance. This should be a super creative year for these folks. Happy Birthday to Pisces people… and especially to someone dear to my heart, born on this day! Bless YOU.


oh yes, I did mention Neptune being in Pisces, didn't I? Well the Pisces people feeling that energy are the ones born between March 7 through 10 of  any year. The earlier born Pisces people have already experienced Neptune's influence. What happens is this- Neptune will increase psychic sensitivity and also make you more susceptible to drugs medicine and alcohol. You're just more sensitive at this time- at this time… means for you all from January 2018 until February 2021. Unfortunately, it also makes it hard to diagnose if you are having unusual aches, pain, etc. That's because you're probably "picking up" on other people's psychic energies and emotions…. and they are sticking onto you! That means to be very careful of the people you hang out with, use your discrimination skills- trust your gut. If you have an attraction to alcohol and drugs stay away from friends who indulge, in order for you to avoid temptation. Also drink more water, and keep yourself healthy, as best you can. You know what to do, and if you don't know what to do …. google it, and find out. Neptune can raise consciousness and bring you amazing telepathy, dreams and insights. However, as the symbol suggests upstream downstream fish are swimming in different directions- both qualities exist …so choose wisely what is best for you. Don't be too easily influenced by others, because then you will  "abandon yourself!"


had to add this song "Pearly Queen" by Traffic (Steve Winwood) 1968 fits Pisces energy so perfectly.

Hope you enjoy it.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4pbeksf-m4


I've always loved this song and this group and also…. "Dear Mr. Fantasy."