Dr. Philip C. Groce of Union has published “The Religion of Physics” via Amazon, where it is available in paperback and as an e-book (including Kindle).

Dr. Groce, almost 80 and still practicing medicine, wrote the material 30 years ago and put it in a drawer, thinking that at the time only a few would want to consider such material “though it is not difficult if read from start to finish.” He has updated but not significantly changed it. “The Religion of Physics” is his fourth and final book.

“It is now or never,” he said.

Written for the scientific-minded person, “The Religion of Physics” presents a space-age perspective, called E, that acceptably brings religion and science together. By using simple physics and geometry with 65 diagrams and in an entertaining and sometimes funny way, Dr. Groce shows how E expresses in everyday life. It can serve as religion for those with serious doubts about religion; and it also can fortify those who want to continue with their own religious or philosophical thought, even atheism.

Groce said his book clearly defines life, being and non-being, mind, consciousness, time dimensions and healing and especially illuminates the Eternal Now, which impacts intuition and the moment of personal change. The author explains both immediacy and relativity within E and shows how creationism and evolution can walk arm-in-arm.

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