The following cases were completed in the Knox County court from Feb. 1 through Feb. 15.

Duncan L. Dyer, 22, Rockport, three counts of theft (March 17 and May 13, 2017, in Rockport); forgery; misuse of identification; criminal trespass; violating condition of release, all concurrent 35 days in jail.

Corey A. Stevens, 26, Fairfield, operating under the influence — alcohol with one prior, 60 days in jail, three-year license suspension, $900 fine; refusing to submit to arrest, 60 days in jail; failing to stop for an officer Feb. 1 in Thomaston, 60 days in jail; failing to notify of motor vehicle accident, dismissed.

Leslie A. Parsons, 57, Barrington, Ill., OUI — alcohol, 72 hours in jail, 150-day license suspension, $750 fine.

Alyssa Stankis, 34, Portland, OUI — alcohol, 72 hours in jail, 150-day license suspension, $500 fine.

Russell Ackerman, 34, Lincolnville, driving to endanger, 30-day license suspension, $575 fine; disorderly conduct, dismissed.

Alex Colson, 31, Rockland, theft Oct. 23, 2017, in Thomaston, $750 fine.

Joseph Malburg Sr., 52, Warren, trafficking in drugs March 15, 2018, in Warren, $400 fine.

Robert A. Seekins Jr., 36, Searsport, trafficking in drugs Feb. 27, 2018, in Thomaston, three years in jail with all but nine months suspended, three years' probation, $400 fine; trafficking in prison contraband June 11, 2018, in Rockland, three months in jail.

Jason Mathiason, 35, Camden, operating while license suspended, $500 fine.

Ira Warren Jr., 30, Vinalhaven, trafficking in drugs, two years in jail, all suspended, two years' probation, $400 fine.

Eric T. Pearse, 54, Hope, OUI — alcohol, 48 hours in jail, 150-day license suspension, $500 fine.

James H. Poole, 62, Vinalhaven, assault Sept. 1 on Vinalhaven, $300 fine; restitution of $6,074.

Stephen C. Powers, 49, Appleton, OUI, dismissed.

Samuel Rogers, 24, Hope, OUI — alcohol, 48 hours in jail, 150-day license suspension, $750 fine.

Kathrin C. Billmeier, 35, Hallowell, violating condition of release, $500 fine.

Steven E. Clarke,.54, Warren, assault, unlawful possession of drug, both dismissed.

Debra L. Rahkonen, 64, Rockland, two counts of disorderly conduct in Rockland, both dismissed.

Francis A. Coletti, 27, Brooklyn, N.Y., OUI — alcohol, 150-day license suspension, $500 fine.

Aleisa D. Demichael, 43, Daytona Beach, Fla., harassment by telephone, $250 fine.

William R. Waldron Jr., 54, Cushing, possessing mutilated, unmeasurable lobsters Nov. 28 in Owls Head, $600 fine.

Mackenzie Kelly, 25, Rockland, operating while license suspended or revoked, $500 fine.

Gary S. Peters, 48, Cushing, violating condition of release, $500 fine.

Margaret E. Tracy, 62, Hope, allowing minor to possess or consume liquor Dec. 1 in Hope, $250 fine.

Kayla A. Start, 33, Rockland, operating while license suspended, $500 fine; speeding more than 30 miles per hour over the limit in Rockland, dismissed.

Ronald Jackson, 73, Washington, placing bait to entice deer, $200 fine; shooting from motor vehicle Nov. 5 in Washington, $200 fine.

William F. Costigan Jr., 57, Rockport, violating condition of release, 48 hours in jail.

Chayse Macdonald, 22, North Haven, violating condition of release, 72 hours in jail.

Elijah P. Bineau Ames, 18, Vinalhaven, minor having false identification, $200 fine.