Whew! That was exhausting, but highly-entertaining, exhilarating and just plain old fun.

A fast-paced track meet broke out at Lincolnville Central School on Saturday morning, Feb. 9 with a sprinkle — make that a fast dash — of fine basketball play mixed in.

Thus was what the Hope Elementary School and Woolwich Central School boys basketball teams provided in the frenzied-paced Busline League small school division championship game in a packed gymnasium.

The action was, to say the least, fast-paced and, at times, hard to keep up. It was like watching a ping-pong ball paddled back-and-forth across the table. It almost made one dizzy watching the youngsters bolt at breakneck speed up and down the court and, when necessary, stop on a dime, to head in the other direction.

For the older folks, the experience was, in a word, exhausting.

But not for the young student-athletes, who had fun, especially the Wildcats from Woolwich, who kept Hope at arm's-length to pull out a 39-28 win and the tile.

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Woolwich, led by coach Shawn Elwell, include Gavin Baillargeon, David Brown, Andrew Card, Nicholas Pesce, Atticus Simpson-Brown, Rainier Eich, Teagan Slone, Stone Medina, Sam Wilson, Isaiah Kilton, Sebastian Lafer, Trace McFarland and Thomas MacMahan.

Hope, guided by coaches Peter Fagonde and Ken DeWaard, include Jayden Day, Westen DeWaard, Hunter Fields, Ben Tohanczyn, Max Welt, Dominic Robert, Miles Spear, Colby Anderson, Connor Leach and Lincoln Wight. The manager is Josie Fitzjurls.

In the championship game, Woolwich led 13-9, 26-15 and 32-26 at the quarter breaks.

For the Wildcats, Eich netted 13 points; Card, nine; Pesce and Baillargeon, six; David Brown, four; and Atticus Simpson-Brown, two. The team made 8-of-16 free throws (50 percent).

For the Hawks, DeWaard tossed in 15 points; Fields, seven; Welt, five (with the game's lone 3-pointer); and Tohanczyn, one. The team made 7-of-15 foul shots (47 percent).

The single-elimination middle school playoffs began on Monday, Jan. 28 and concluded on Saturday, Feb. 9.

Woolwich was the top seed and South Division titlist and Hope the top seed and North Division champion before the Wildcats and Hawks met for all the marbles in the final court clash.

The league's small school division includes Hope Elementary School, Vinalhaven School, Lincolnville Central School, Searsport District Middle School, Drinkwater School of Northport, Islesboro Central School, North Haven Community School, Woolwich Central School, St. George Elementary School, Nobleboro Central School, Bristol Consolidated School, Jefferson Village School and Wiscasset Elementary School.

Click to see other photos and results.

Click to see other photos and results.

Click to see other photos and results.

Click to see other photos and results.

The final regular-season standings included:

Boys North — Hope 13-1, Appleton 11-3, Vinalhaven 9-4, Lincolnville 8-6, Searsport 7-7, Drinkwater 4-10, Islesboro 1-10 and North Haven 0-10.

Boys South — Woolwich 9-2, St. George 10-2, Nobleboro 7-5, Bristol 5-6, Jefferson 1-11 and Wiscasset 1-11. No. 1 Woolwich and No. 2 St. George receive byes.

In the boys North quarterfinals, No. 1 Hope defeated No. 8 North Haven 51-33 on Monday, Jan. 28, No. 2 Appleton defeated No. 7 Islesboro (score unavailable) on Tuesday, Jan. 29, No. 3 Vinalhaven beat No. 6 Drinkwater School 53-23 on Tuesday, Jan. 29 and No. 4 Lincolnville beat No. 5 Searsport 46-43 on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

In the semifinals, No. 1 Hope defeated No. 4 Lincolnville (score unavailable) on Friday, Feb. 1, while No. 2 Appleton beat No. 3 Vinalhaven 71-66 on Saturday, Feb. 3.

No. 1 Hope defeated No. 2 Appleton (score unavailable) on Wednesday, Feb. 6 in the North Division final.

In the boys South quarterfinals on Monday, Jan. 28, No. 3 Nobleboro defeated No. 6 Wiscasset, while No. 4 Bristol bested No. 5 Jefferson.

In the semifinals, No. 1 Woolwich defeated No. 4 Bristol (score unavailable), while No. 2 St. George beat No. 3 Nobleboro 69-39 in games played on Friday, Feb. 1.

No. 1 Woolwich defeated No. 2 St. George 58-56 on Wednesday, Feb. 6 in the South Division final.

The following is a recap of other reported boys playoff results:


No. 1 Woolwich 58, No. 2 St. George 56

At Woolwich Feb. 6, the Wildcats emerged with a hard-fought, two-point win over the Dragons. Woolwich led 14-7 after the first quarter and 29-24 at halftime, while the two squads were tied 44-44 after three quarters.

Jack Elwell scored 17 points for the Dragons, while Zeke Miller added 14; Dylan Benner, nine; Colby Hooper, eight; Brysen Mattox, three; and Nathan Iliffe, Connor Curtis and Thomas White, two.

Gavin Baillargeon poured in 27 points for the Wildcats, while Andrew Card added 10; Rainier Eich, seven; Nick Pesce, five; and David Brown, one.

St. George was 9-of-20 (45 percent) from the foul line, while Woolwich was 6-of-25 (24 percent).

No. 2 St. George 69, No. 3 Nobleboro 39

At St. George Feb. 1, the Dragons emerged victorious with a lopsided win over the Lions. Nobleboro led 10-8 after the first quarter, while Nobleboro led 29-20 at halftime and 54-27 after three quarters.

Jack Elwell led St. George with 27 points, while Zeke Miller added 21; Colby Hooper, 10; Dylan Benner, six; Connor Curtis, three; and Gregg Murray, two.

A.J. Giberson scored 10 points for Nobleboro, while Ivan Coffin added eight; Tucker Stiles, seven; Dante Maskell, five; Lincoln Ball, three; and Cohen Giberson, Maxen Lucas and Chase Coffin, two.

St. George was 7-of-23 (30 percent) from the foul line, while Nobleboro was 3-of-9 (33 percent).

No. 4 Lincolnville 46, No. 5 Searsport 43

At Lincolnville Jan. 30, the Lynx outlasted the visiting Vikings. Lincolnville led 12-6 after the first quarter and 24-18 at halftime, while Searsport led 31-30 after three quarters.

Jordan Peasley scored 18 points for the Lynx, while Avery Laite added 11; Hayden Davis, eight; Preston Rossiter, four; and Mason Clark, Avery Luft and Bryce Curtis, two.

Jacob Daley poured in 31 points for the Vikings, while Cole Ellis added five; Robert Walker, three; and Ryan Ordelt and Gage Ellis, two.

Lincolnville was 3-of-6 (50 percent) from the foul line, while Searsport was 7-of-10 (70 percent).

No. 3 Vinalhaven 53, No. 6 Drinkwater School 23

At Vinalhaven Jan. 29, the Vikings advanced to the semifinals a win over the visitors. Vinalhaven led 11-8, 24-10 and 38-15 at the quarter breaks.

Robbie Swears led the islanders with 14 points, while Trey Goodrich added 12; Ira Stockman and Brandon Phillip, seven; Sam Wentworth, six; Tanner Lazaro, four; and Joe Lazaro, three.

Griffin Dubrow led Drinkwater with nine points, while Colin Bandy added six and Ranger Williams, Joseph Parker, Aiden Davison and Elias Higgins, two.

The Vikings were 3-of-10 (30 percent) from the foul line, while the visitors were 3-of-13 (23 percent).

No. 1 Hope 51, No. 8 North Haven 33

At Hope Jan. 28, the hosts emerged victorious over the visitors in a battle of the Hawks. Hope led 20-7, 33-17 and 43-27 at the quarter breaks.

Lincoln Wight scored 12 points to pace Hope, while Dominic Robert and Hunter Fields added eight; Max Welt, seven; Westen DeWaard, six; Ben Tohanczyn and Miles Spear, four; and Colby Anderson, two.

Jonathan Brown led North Haven with 12 points, while Bryn Anderson added nine; Ezra Davisson, eight; and Henry Sandleton and Bret Waterman, two.

The hosts were 2-of-6 (33 percent) from the foul line, while the visitors were 1-of-2 (50 percent).