State Rep. William Pluecker, I-Warren, was to give testimony before the Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry Committee Feb. 13 in support of LD 351, his bill " An Act to Ensure Accuracy in the Labeling of Maine Meat and Poultry.”

According to Pluecker, the labeling bill would protect Maine consumers and farmers by ensuring that consumers are not purchasing a product from out of state when they think it is a local one, and that dollars are not being funneled to out-of-state producers instead of Maine farmers. Pluecker said that to protect local processors, it will be necessary to add language to the bill that says that local Maine meat must be born, raised and processed in Maine.

The next step for the bill will be the rule-making phase. Pluecker can be reached at 273-3044 or Bill.Pluecker@Legislature.Maine.Gov.