The following deed transfers were recorded from Feb. 4 through Feb. 8 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.

Andrews Island

Dustin Wing to Andrew Curtis and Tiffany J. Curtis.


Stanley K. Millay and Deborah J. Millay to Jeremy E. Glasier and Monica R. Glasier.

Brandon M. Fuller to Kenneth G. Fuller and Denise W. Fuller.

Kenneth G. Fuller and Denise W. Fuller to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc.

Kenneth G. Fuller and Denise W. Fuller to Brandon M. Fuller.


Ian Putansu to Michelle V. Upton.

Robert V. Shotwell Est. to Beyond the Meter.

Alko Acceptance Corporation to David C. Kibbe.

Nancy I. Locke and Keiva T. Durham Con. to Deborah Daigle Moskowitz and Steven Phillips Moskowitz.

Diane McIntosh and Christopher McIntosh to Sennett Kirk III and Carolyn C. Kirk.

Mary McIntosh Est. to Sennett Kirk III and Carolyn C. Kirk.


Frank W. Rankin Est. to Lisa R. Burgess and Lenity Larrabee.

North Haven

Harwood Family LLC to Elizabeth Dow.

Harwood Family LLC to William S. Harwood.

Trenor F. Goodell to Bruce Edward Gilman and Sandra Jean Gilman.


Margaret E. Machaiek to David Brownlie and Yvette Brownlie.

First Baptist Church of Rockland Maine and First Baptist Church to Pursuit Church.

Jeffrey Lamkins and Randi Lamkins to Brian J. Toothaker and Lorraine A. Ritzi.

Peter D. Hart to Vuttichai Vannachaivong.

William G. Morong to Yachting Solutions LLC.

Stanley W. Carleton Jr., Lisa Nash Carleton and Lisa L. Carleton to Stanley W. Carleton Jr.


Craig A. Hawkins and Eileen F. Hawkins to Craig A. Hawkins Tr., Eileen F. Hawkins Tr. and Hawkins Living Trust.

St. George

Bangor Savings Bank to Erickson and Ralph Inc.

Richard P. Anthony and Richard T. Anthony to Richard P. Anthony Tr., Rebecca A. Siebens Tr. and 2011 Siebens Anthony Family Trust.

Todd Watts, Harold Todd Watts and Lauren Watts to Luke T. Sunde and Rosamund M. Davis.

South Thomaston

Donald A. Merchant and Sally Ann Merchant to Clifford C. Dacso and Sheryl T. Dacso.

Lobster Cove Holdings LLC to Michael J. Dionne Tr., Deborah M. Dionne Tr. and Dionne Family Living Trust.

Anthony J. Simaitis Jr. to Jill S. Pierce.

Cindy Lou Eugley and Cindy Lou Eugley Feyler to Gil Erikson and Martha Schwink.


Camden National Bank, Thomas M. Sawyer, Rhonda S. Sawyer, Rhonda D. Sawyer and Thomas M. Sayer to Vendue LLC.


Rosalie A. Gleason to Jon D. Gleason and Teresa Gleason.


Kenneth E. White and Katharine H. White to Judith Edelman and David Macias.

Arthur S. Lindgren and Cheryl A. Lindgren to Britta K. Lindgren.

Vincent S. R. Brandt and Hi Kyung Brandt to Vincent S. R. Brandt Tr. and Vincent S. R. Brant Revocable Trust.


Jane B. Ricker to Virginia A. Knutson Tr. and Virginia Knutson Revocable Trust.

Rae C. Fales to Brooke P. Creamer.

Phyllis L. Moir to Phyllis L. Moir and Elaine Moir.

Peter W. Armstrong and Rose Ann Armstrong to Charles A. Russo and Suzanne A. Russo.

Carl B. Erickson Jr. and Macadeka LLC. to Michael W. Garan Jr. and Jessica A. Garan.


Thomas Morrison to Peter L. Worthington and Patricia J. Worthington.