Technologist and artist Nathan Kroms Davis’ solo exhibition “Memento Mori” is on view through Friday, Feb. 15, at Steel House South, 639 Main St. The show will end with closing artist’s presentation and celebration that night from 6 to 8 p.m.

Davis will discuss the techniques, inspirations, and goals of his algorithmic art. Topics of discussion will include synthesized music, Zen Buddhism and the philosophy of mathematics.

“Memento Mori,” Latin for “remember that you will die,” is a set of 12,978 images of a skull. These images are shown continuously on five monitors in the gallery space, with a selection shown in print on the wall. Each of these images is an algorithmic and geometric transfiguration of the same single black-and-white source photograph. Each image is unique, disposable and replaceable — no person (including the artist) has seen them all.

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