Police Chief Randy Gagne was formally recognized Feb. 5, by the 129th Legislature for his 30 years of service in law enforcement in Camden and, since 2016, in Rockport as well. Rep. Vicki Doudera was the lead sponsor of the sentiment honoring him. She described Gagne’s long career and praised his kind and capable demeanor. Doudera said she hoped Gagne will continue to serve our communities “for many, many, more years to come.”

Chief Gagne attended along with his wife, Richelle.  Rockport Town Manager Rick Bates and Camden and Rockport Assessor Kerry Liechtman were also present in the House gallery.  Gagne was congratulated by Rep. Paige Zeigler, Sen. Dave Miramant and Sen. Erin Herbig, after receiving a round of applause from the entire House of Representatives.