Our pet pick of the week is Rattata, a young tortoiseshell cat who was abandoned in a house in Owls Head with her sister, Li’l Howler (also available for adoption). Typically, torties are known to have a little sassy side, some would even say cat-ti-tude, but not this little sweet pea. Rattata is a very loving girl with an easygoing nature. But don’t confuse easygoing with being quiet. Rattata is quite the Chatty Kathy. She’d be happy to keep you company with meaningful conversation. She’s also a great listener and will make a wonderful confidante (your secrets are safe with her). You’ll also notice that her tail seems to have a mind of its own as it flips and curls up her back, making her all the more endearing. Rattata is young, somewhere in the neighborhood of a year old. She is fine with other cats and likes to be held. She’d make a great family cat. Stop in and meet her today.

What’s cooking? Hopefully, you can help us out with that question. Many of you may remember or even have a copy on your shelf of our 1995 cookbook, "Word of Mouth." While it will always remain a classic, times have changed and with them palates, diets and the ingredients and techniques used in cooking. So, in honor of our 30th anniversary, we are happy to announce we are creating a new cookbook featuring new favorite recipes (classics, too) from you, our community. We are asking you to submit three to five of your favorite recipes so you can be represented in our cookbook. There will be a special pet treat section, too. These cookbooks will be professionally published and are sure to be a treasured keepsake and your newest go-to cookbook. Plus, all money raised from their sale will benefit the animals at the shelter. The deadline to submit your recipes is March 31. To learn how to submit your recipes, visit popehumane.org.

Sometimes, you just want a night out and to let someone else do the cooking. The Craignair Inn & Restaurant on Clarks Island Road in Spruce Head is happy to oblige. Every Friday night from  5 to 9 p.m.through the month of February is Burger Night at the Craignair Inn, with proceeds supporting PMHS. Go ahead, treat yourself and help the shelter at the same time. Reservations are appreciated at 594-7644. Thanks for your support.

Wish list: Stamps, toilet paper, trash bags (13- and 33-gallon), 6-inch paper plates, and gift certificates to Walmart, Staples or other local businesses.