Jean Vose will present a program Saturday, Feb. 9, at 1:30 p.m. at the Waldoboro Public Library, 958 Main St., entitled “Pollinators and the Gardens that Feed Them: Creating a Pollinator-Friendly Yard.” Pollinators include bees of all kinds, wasps [both predatory and parasitic], birds, bats and butterflies, as well as moths and other creatures. She will discuss how to create an environment to attract and support them. This includes identification of these creatures and how they work in gardens. Part of the presentation includes eco-friendly tips as well.

Vose is an experienced Master Gardener, certified horticulturist and backyard beekeeper living in Nobleboro, where she has created gardens to attract pollinators and other beneficial creatures. The original homestead, established in 1910, features a farmhouse of that era bounded by more than 10 acres of open fields and mixed woods. The gardens feature vegetables, herbs, ornamental grasses, trees and shady spots. In addition, there is a garden grown just for beneficial insects and pollinators. Most of her gardens have been established for more than 15 years.

She has been a backyard beekeeper since 1986. She keeps and manages four honeybee hives in her backyard apiary for pollination and honey which is available in her dooryard. She and her late husband, after relocating to Maine in 1998, created a beekeeping school in 2001. From this school, Knox-Lincoln County Beekeepers (KLCB) was launched in 2003.

She is very interested in conservation and other nature activities. She has been a birder for many years and enjoys watching the birds in her backyard. In the winter, she counts birds for Cornell’s Project Feeder Watch; an activity she has enjoyed for almost 25 years. Most of all, she enjoys watching the ospreys in the back field as they raise their young.

Call 832-4484 for more information