Wes and Theo Pratt from the Mote Center for Shark Research, Summerland Key, Florida, will present recent results of work on nurse sharks at the Maine Coastal Islands NWR Visitor Center, 9 Water St., Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m. This research from the Dry Tortugas, the most remote island group in the Florida Keys, was initiated to understand the world of shark social behavior and population ecology.

This long-term study (since 1991) of the island group’s population is unique – the world’s only continuous investigation of a free-living shark population that encompasses all stages of their life history from birth through adult reproduction. In the wild, clear waters of the Tortugas, researchers use hands-on tagging and observation to study shark behavior, mating, habitat use and population ecology.

The program is free, with donations accepted. For more information, call 594-0600 ext. 5.