Trekkers’ Launching Empowered and Aspiring Professionals program is designed to help students gain the real-life experience necessary to make informed decisions about their future. Spanning multiple years, the program provides students with a wide-variety of professional experiences, including mock interviews, a professional panel, a college and career expedition, and an internship placement to help prepare them for life after high-school by exploring post-secondary options and different careers.

Earlier in the year, 30 students from 10th-grade teams Beacon and Atlas participated in a workshop on resume writing, professional etiquette, appropriate dress, self-confidence and answering interview questions. Each student created a resume to share with professionals from local businesses who agreed to be mock-interviewers. The goal of these interviews was to provide students an opportunity to present themselves professionally to others.

This year local businesses and professionals who hosted mock interviews for Trekkers students included: First National Bank, Target Marketing, Camden National Bank, Fisher Engineering, Allen Insurance and Financial, Scott Cunningham, Doug Erickson, Pat Mundy, Alice Preble and Molly Hopper.

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