We’d like to introduce Lobster Roll, Tinkerbell and Mamma Mia.

These sweet ladies either arrived at P.A.W.S. pregnant, or came in with nursing kittens. We send all cats expecting or nursing out to one of our foster homes so that they can give birth and raise their kittens in a loving, relaxed environment. The last thing a mama cat needs is to be stressed out in a shelter, with new cats, dogs and people coming in every day.

That’s where our foster homes come in. These kind volunteers take home our kitty mamas and babies and love them, care for them and socialize the kittens to living in a home. This is vitally important work, since kittens that aren’t socialized when young have a much harder time learning to trust people. When the kittens are nine weeks old, they come back to P.A.W.S. with their mothers and all are given checkups, vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Then they go up for adoption.

Our three mamas, Lobster Roll, Tinkerbell and Mamma Mia, came back from foster with their kittens and all went up for adoption. The kittens were adopted quickly, but the mamas were upstaged and overlooked by their adorable little fluff balls. These ladies are truly gorgeous and are eagerly awaiting homes of their own. They’d love for you to drop by and meet them. You can also check them out on our website and even fill out an application for them there.

If you think your family might like to be a foster home, please check out our foster program information on the website under “Volunteer.” You can fill out a foster application there, too. With kitten season quickly approaching in the spring, we’ll need some new foster homes to join our foster family.

P.A.W.S. is located at 123 John Street in Camden. Our phone number is 236-8702. The web address is pawsadoption.org.