Prescott Memorial School is one of two Knox County schools chosen to participate in the WinterKids Winter Games for the month of January. Students are competing in a four-week series of outdoor physical activity and nutrition challenges designed to help them be active in the winter and learn healthy habits. Each week has a different theme. The school held an opening ceremony and completed several outdoor activities, such as relays, sensory hikes, story walks and scavenger hunts. The week ended with a dance party dismissal, with students, staff and families. This week, classes have been busy learning about nutrition and making healthy food choices with guest speakers, classroom games, outside events and taste-testing a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

Schools participating in the WinterKids Winter Games accrue points for cash prize awards: $5,000 – Gold Medal School, $2,500 – Silver Medal School, and $1,500 – Bronze Medal School. There are honorable mentions and prizes for all participating schools.

“We are enjoying the opportunity to promote healthy habits through participation in the WinterKids Winter Games. Prescott students are getting active and learning about keeping their bodies energized with a healthy diet. We have a series of activities planned this month, including a Family Night Jan. 23 from 5 to 6 p.m., where we will be showcasing highlights from our winter games while having fun playing math games with families.” Prescott Principal Nancy Stover said.

For more information about Prescott Memorial School’s involvement in the WinterKids Winter Games, contact Stover at 845-2424 or email at