Taylor Ackerman and Lori LeBlanc will offer a Gentle Yoga and Singing Bowl Retreat Saturday, Jan. 19, from 2 to 5 p.m. at the Dancing Elephant, 16 School St..The event is open to the public, with donations gratefully accepted.

This event will be an afternoon of gentle yoga, meditation and sound healing. Ackerman will invite participants to explore yoga postures and movements that support the body's ability to let go and relax into well-being. Periods of meditation will bring deep peace to the mind. The studio will be bathed in the vibrations of the sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls, inviting us to open our hearts, clear our minds, and enter into a deep well of silence. Everyone is welcome, including beginners. Suggested donation is $35 to $50.

LeBlanc is a sound healer and licensed massage therapist since 1994. She is certified in Polarity Therapy, BioSonic Repatterning, and Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy. The consecrated seven metal alloy singing bowls she uses were handmade in Nepal more than 100 years ago.

Ackerman has been practicing yoga since 2008 and was trained in Hatha yoga at Ashiyana Yoga Center in Goa, India, in 2011. In her classes, she encourages awareness and development of the mind-body connection, as well as attention to safety and the cues communicated from the body.

For more information, visit rocklandyoga.com or contact Cynthia Trone at cynthia@rocklandyoga.com or 594-1694.