As the Lincolnville Community Library prepares to celebrate the five-year anniversary of its opening, the board of directors is also working to ensure its future sustainability by building an endowment fund. While there is no upper limit, the fund needs to grow to approximately $200,000 before the income can be used to support the library. Established in October 2017 the endowment fund received donations totaling $2,500 in the first few months. In 2018 a number of contributions were made, including two for $25,000 each.

The Lincolnville Community Library started as a dream in 2011, and since then has become a full-service, commissioned Maine public library, with thousands of people visiting each year and over 700 card-holding patrons. The library provides free high-speed internet, computers for visitor use at no charge, and online resources that can be accessed from home. There are monthly children’s music programs, free educational presentations and talks, and regular gatherings focused on needlework, writing, book discussions, and painting. Programs and services are made possible by donations and fundraising events, and last year, the town voted to give the library $3,000 to help with operating costs. A large team of volunteers donated nearly 3,000 hours of time in 2018 to help keep the library thriving.

Now it is hoped that the Endowment Fund will help ensure the library’s longevity. For more information, email or call 706-3896.