The following deed transfers were recorded from Dec. 21 through Dec. 28 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Christipher W. Burdick and Illyria Puharich Burdick to Bradford J. Burdick Tr., Juliana Burdick Tr., Magaretta Burdick Tr. and Burdick Family Irrevocable Trust.


Evelyn M. Winchenbach Est. to Joseph Powers and Catherine Powers.

Joan Strogen, Karen Cadorette, Jean Barbin, Ian Culling and John Cadorette to David T. Norman and Briauna M. Norman.


Paul Eugene Marshall Living Trust, Linda Jeanne Campbell Marshall Tr., Paul Christian Marshall Tr. and Linda Jeanne Campbell Marshall Living Trust to Paul E. Marshall and Linda J. Campbell Marshall.

Paul E. Marshall and Linda J. Campbell Marshall to Linda J. Marshall Campbell.

Ann Marie Powers to Eric Colburn Powers.


Maine Coast Heritage Trust to Matinicus Isle Plantation.

North Haven

Nature Conservancy to United States of America.


Ronald Van Heeswijk and Margaret Rauenhorst to Jane Schueler.


Ann Keefe Tr, Ann Keefe Living Trust and Morgan H. Keefe Family Trust to Andrew Tucker and Blair Tucker.

Tenax Campanile Associates I LLC. to John P. Hansen.

Elmer H. Doucette and Peggy J. Doucette to Hannah E. Hirschfeld and Tony R. Lewis.

South Thomaston

Jessica Arena and Jessica Whitamore to 497 501 Main St. LLC.

Adrian Whitamore to 497 501 Main St. LLC.

Jesse Butler and Roisin M. Butler to Rachel L. Evangelos.

St. George

47 Main Street LLC to St. George Community Development Corporation.

Ronald Schiller and Alan Fletcher to John Frederick Carr and Marla Mazar Carr.

Joanne M. O'Shea and Michael A. O'Shea to Souwoo LLC.

Norman Dennison Sr. Est. to Norman Dennison Jr.


Stephen A. Little and Carol A. Little to Frank C. Mottram.

Constance Pritchard to Karl M. Meklin and Elaine J. Meklin.


Lloyd L. Miller Est. to Jennifer Ellen Miller Tr. and Lloyd L. Miller Revocable Trust 2002.


Peter Farrelly, Jessica H. Farrelly and Jessica H. Putz to Peter Farrelly and Jessica H. Farrelly.

Jessica H. Farrelly to Jessica H. Farrelly.

Joseph Ralph Petillo to Christopher David Petillo.

John Joseph Petillo II to Christopher David Petillo.

Christopher David Petillo to Portobello Roads LLC.


Cloe A. Curtis Est. to David A. Kelly.

Jamie N. O'Donoghue, Jennifer L. O'Donoghue and Jennifer L. Costa to Stacia G. Kozidis and Dino P. Kozidis.


Barbara Ludwig to Robert Reese.

Darlene Saunders to Gregory Boynton.

Rodney Boynton Jr. to Gregory Boynton.