The Camden Conference presents Kristin Vekasi at the Camden Public Library, 55 Main St., Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 7 pm.

Vekasi, of the University of Maine, will speak on how Chinese domestic politics and American national interests have set a course for potential conflict over the South China Sea. The talk will unpack the complex political and economic conflicts in the region, and discuss policy options to deescalate military tensions and increase peaceful cooperation.

Vekasi is an assistant professor in the department of political science and School of Policy and International Affairs. She received her doctorate at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and has conducted extensive research and fieldwork across Northeast Asia, particularly in Japan and China. She has been a visiting fellow with the Japan Foundation at Tokyo University, a Fulbright Fellow at Tohoku University, and a Foreign Language and Area Studies fellow at the Harbin Institute of Technology. Vekasi’s research focuses on Japan-China relations, and how multinational firms manage political risk in a globalized and politicized world.

This presentation is hosted by the Camden Public Library and offered as a free community event in anticipation of the 32nd Annual Camden Conference, “Is This China’s Century?,” Feb. 22 to 24.