On the morning of Nov. 14, the crew working on restoring the church wall facing Chestnut Street at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church discovered a hollow cornerstone. Further investigation revealed a time capsule, a metal box of copper and lead that was assumed to have been placed there when the structure was built in 1922. However, water had seeped in and all of the contents had disintegrated.

The decision was made in the short time available to replace the time capsule, in the hope that future generations might find it intact. Efforts were made by Elizabeth Moran, church archivist; Edmund Hartt, junior warden; and Jane Shroeder, minister of music, to fill a small watertight container to be placed in the hollow.

The new time capsule’s contents included a church profile, a service leaflet from Nov. 18, 2018, "The Choir Invisible" music, a church directory from 2018, and a 2018 annual report.

Also included were 2018 coins: two one-dollar bills; two 50-cent pieces; two quarters and two 2018-minted pennies.

A packet of laminated papers (for protection from water damage) was added, including pictures of past rectors, two pages from the church website to show the current rector and staff, and an explanation of provenance.

The new time capsule replaced the old one Monday, Nov. 19.