The Forty Hour Club, based at the Steel House in Rockland as well as being a resident company at New York City’s La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, has launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for “Chasing the New White Whale,” which recently concluded its premiere production at La MaMa.

Michael Gorman’s play and Harpooning Addiction advocacy project take on the opiate epidemic devastating working communities such as those in the commercial fishing industry.

“Art is an important part of the healing journey, and with your support, we can not only produce a great play, but teach a generation of young Americans how ‘to wield a necessary, life sustaining tool’ with which to attack the epic foe of addiction,” Gorman says in the campaign’s appeal.

Contribution will go towards funding the production of "Chasing The New White Whale" and to bring the production to working waterfront communities around the country. The next planned stop is in the historic fishing and whaling port of New Bedford, Mass. Ultimately, the goal is to see its return to New York City and a Broadway stage, “where it can make a lasting impact for the addiction and recovery community from around the world.”

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