The following deed transfers were recorded from Dec. 10 through Dec. 14 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Joanne Cross to Susan M. Cross.

Richard F. Delano and Marsha K. Delano to Robert F. Delano.

Chelsea A. Allen and Dylan A. Small to Justin W. Fowles and Chelsea M. Thyng.


H. Stricker Walker II to Heather R. Smith.

Aquamarine LLC to Donald Suskiewich.

Ann Stuart Montgomery to Salty Land Company of Camden LLC.


Sarah Hiller to Sarah Hiller and Shawn Hiller.

Thomas Buescher and Clara Buescher to Robert c. Brayley and Dorothy A. Brayley.

Leslie A. Freeman Tr., Edward C. Andrew Jr. Credit Shelter Trust, Dawn K. Andrews Tr., Dale A. Wadhams Tr., Edward C. Andrew III Tr. and Scott S. Andrews Tr. to Leslie A. Freeman, Dawn K. Andrews, Dale A. Wadhams, Edward C. Andrews III and Scott S. Andrews.

Leslie A. Freeman, Dawn K. Andrews, Dale A. Wadhams and Edward C. Andrews III to Andrews Cushing Properties LLC.


Amber McLean, Amber Mooney and William A. Mooney Jr. to Joanne Rasmussen.

Barbara Ford to Kevin Savastano and Sulma Zuleta.

North Haven

Saran Morgan Hutchins to Saran Morgan Hutchins Tr.

Owls Head

Lisa E. Meyerhuber, Avard L. Walker III, Robert N. Walker, Ann B. McCann, John E. Walker, Peter A. Walker, Frederick J. Walker Tr., Carol J. Walker and Frederick J. Walker Trust to Libby Hill Farm Inc.


Dale M. Beal Tr., Constance A. Beal Tr., Dale M. Beal Living Trust and Constance A. Beal Living Trust to J. Claudette Nicholson.

453 main Street LLC to GFSW Holdings LLC.

Jamie G. Wood and Louisa Hope Jackson to Robin M. Chernow.

Carol Mudd to Peter H. Fischman and Deborah M. O'Hanlon.

Cameron C. McKee to Michael J. Letts and Caroline A. Luttrell.

Stanley J. Makara Sr. and Stanley H. Makara Sr. to Stanley J. Makara Sr. and Joanna Makara.

Dorothy S. Collins Est. to Kevin M. Fitzpatrick and Nancy B. Fitzpatrick.


Sharon P. Timmer to Paula J. Andrews.

John W. Woods, Judith B. Woods and Glenn C. Hood Jr. to William E. Nuesse.

JoAnn Pellegrino Est. to Juliann Boucher to Thomas E. Beauregard.

Kenneth Thompson Jr. to Catherine Ledner.

Deborah Flatley and William Flatley to Allison N. Worden Tr. and Sugar Trust.

Ronna L. Emery and David M. Emery to Gary W. Gilbert and Patricia A. Delaney.

South Thomaston

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC Atty, Pretium Mortgage Aquisition Trust and Christiana Trust Tr. to Jamie Eaton.


Elizabeth K. Braestrup to Michael Reeves and Darcey Comeau.

Town of Thomaston to Darcey J. Comeau and Darcey J. Ripley.

Darcey J. Comeau and Darcey J. Ripley to Jeremy Edward Thompson.

Ellen Spring to Town of Thomaston.

Elizabeth A. Dickson and Rodger R. Strickland to Patrick Siemion and Barbara Siemion.

Town of Thomaton to Diane C. Atwood.

Diane C. Atwood to Amanda F. Gaudet and Neal T. Deyoung.

Sarah J. Dobson to Dylan R. Morong.


Town of Vinalhaven to Barbara Seawell.


Boggs Homes Inc. to Shawn M. Turner.

Paul A. Dodge to Ryan J. Stone and Erika L. Stone.

Heather D. Badger and Heather D. Gray to Larry L. Toler III.

Corey W. Jameson to Valerie R. Boggs Tr., Leland E. Boggs II Tr., Leland E. Boggs II Living Trust and Valerie R. Boggs Living Trust.

Lakshmi Butcher and Lakshmi Beram to Perikli J. Bicaj and Klarita S. Bicaj.

Lakshmi Butcher and Lakshmi Beram to Perikli J. Bicaj and Klarita S. Bicaj.

Michael D. Gamage to Eleazar M. Disla Cuevas.

Broughman Builders Inc. to Sarah L. Cowan and Aaron M. Cowan.

Berg Properties of Maine LLC to Dale L. Emerson.

Patricia J. Moran Wotton and Sherwood Lee Wotton Jr. to Terence L. Ryan, Cheryl B. Ryan, Ralf G. Stevens and Katharene L. Stevens.


W R Rhea Associates Inc. to Faughn Marston III and Stephanie Bailey.

Beth F. Connor and Susan M. Damore to Samantha J. Jackson and Nicholas B. Randolph.

Town of Washington to Robert L. Bremilst Sr. Heirs.

Robert C. Degroff and Christina S. Degroff to Deborah A. Degroff and George K. Semaan.