Trekkers Training Institute Director Meredith Lynt traveled to Immokalee Fla., to provide three organizations that serve youth — Florida Dreamcatchers, Wellfit Girls Program and 1 By 1 Leadership Foundation — with an immersive overview of the Trekkers’ Youth Programming Principles.

The 10 principles highlight the evidence-based program philosophies and strategies that Trekkers has developed over the past 25 years. While implementation may look slightly different in each community, Trekkers’ principles are now being replicated by different organizations in other communities across the nation.

For example, Dreamcatchers is a comprehensive mentoring program that connects student cohorts to caring adults along a 9-year journey that starts in sixth grade and culminates two years into a student’s post-secondary experience.

In preparing to launch the new Florida-based program, Dreamcatchers Program Director Kristina O’Hern traveled to Maine for a customized training that included an immersion in Trekkers’ annual eightth-grade Advanced Trekkers expedition. In addition, Dreamcatchers recently hired former Trekkers Senior Manager of Programs Alaina Ennamorati as a program manager to help adapt and expand the Dreamcatchers model to meet the needs and goals of its nine-year program.

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