The following deed transfers were recorded from Nov. 26 through Nov. 30 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Helen Ashton Fisher and Wenda Ashton Fisher to Dean Barnett Fisher.


Agnes Beloin Est. to Frederick J. Beloin.

Sally A. Kinney Tr., Lawrence S. Kinney Tr. and Kinney Irrevocable Trust to Lawrence Kinney Tr. Sally Kinney Tr. and Kinney Revocable Trust Living Trust.

C. Neall Johnson Tr. and C. Neall Johnson Trust of 200 to John Coburn III.


Thomas R. Joyal to Tucker Michael Walsh and Samantha J. Levin.

Julia Ann Young Est. to Tracy Lynn Matson.

Tracy Lynn Matson to Tracy Lynn Matston and William R. Matson.

Pilama Corporation to Travis Harrington.

Phillip J. Hogan to William E. Ecenbarger and Susan H. Ecenbarger.

Ian Baird to Kevin S. McNamara and Shawna L. McNamara.

North Haven

Agnes H. Burke Est. to Claire G. Burke

Claire G. Burke to Warren Robbins Walker.

Owls Head

David Leader to Adam H. Philbrook and Tayler Philbrook.


453 Main Street LLC to Emily Mecklenburg.

Michael R. Wales and Kathleen Wales to Bryan Carleton.

Kylie S. Wadsworth to Amanda M. Allen and Joshua C. Allen.

Susan A. Oliver to Bruce W. Gamage III.

Cynthia B. Packard Est. to Jane Johanson.

City of Rockland to Steven Bryant and Wendy Bryant.

Harry P. Earl and Beatrice A. Earl to Beatrice A. Earl.

Coastal Productions LLC to 33 North Main LLC.


Justin D. Ford and Tiffany L. Ford to Rebecca Carter Harrach and David R. Harrach.

Kenneth R. Holt to Michele L. Watt and Richard C. Watt.

Kenneth R. Holt to Brett Watt.

Donald T. Deschaine and Joan Deschaine to Cynthia L. Engel Tr., Randall Deschaine  Tr. and Deshaine Family Irrevocable Trust.

Laurel A. W. Richards to Donald R. Richards and Laurel A. W. Richards.

Paul Taylor and Dianne Taylor to Galen W. Light.

James Watt and Ann Watt to Christopher James Long and C. Deanne Watt Long.

James Watt and Ann Watt to Christopher James Long and C. Deanne Watt Long.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Jodie Bartnicki.

Theresa Rossignol, Theresa Kimball and Matthew Rossignol to Elizabeth Rossignol and Matthew VanGaasbeek.

Peter F. McSpadden Est. to Joseph L. Faber.

Blanchard Granville and Elsie Granville to David R. Gibbs and Jane I. Gibbs.

Denis J. Simpson to Veronica Nicknair.

Richard Wong and Deborah Wong to Richard Wong Tr., Deborah Wong Tr. and Wellington Drive Realty Trust.

South Thomaston

Joseph Allen, Dianne M. Allen and Diane Allen to Eric L. O'Connell Tr., Doreen C. O'Connell Tr. and O'Connell Family Revocable Trust.

St. George

Martin A. Villano Est. to Elizabeth Ann Murphy, Anna Roe and Louis Villano.

Charlene A. Black to Shasta R. Minery and Deborah A. Peek.

Christopher A. Ferguson to Leslie Panton Ferguson.

John R. Fell III and Evelyn V. I. Fell to John R. Fell III and Evelyn V. I. Fell.

James Carey Jr. Tr. to Elizabeth Farr Carey Tr., Edith Chase Carey Tr. and Carey Family Trust.


John Couture and Erika Couture to Justin Meixsell.

Stanley Griffin to Stanley E. Griffin and Susan J. Griffin.

Amber Jeskey to Joseph P. McDaniels.

Wanda E. Willey, Wanda E. Carver and James F. Willey to Susan Oliver.

F. Joanne Watts to Brooke Nicole Pease and Lianne Ami Schwalm.


Martin J. Powers to Revocable Living Trust of Martin J. Powers 2018.

Crows Nest Group Limited Partnership to Calf Point Trust.

Calf Point Trust to Crows Nest Group Limited Partnership.


Gerry E. Bassett to Jessica L. Jacobson.

Alvin Chase, Belinda Chase, Alvin W. Chase Sr. and Belinda S. Chase to Jason C. Markwith and Holly E. Markwith.

Town of Warren to Susan Ferguson.

Town of Warren to Aaron Harris.

Town of Warren to Jonathan R. Jones.

Town of Warren to Lawrence K. Tibbetts.


Jeanne Marie Flight to James Holzman.

Jetmax LLC to Bucky Farrar.

Richard L. Madore to Pamela J. Madore.