It’s that time of year when we begin to enjoy all that fall has to offer.

A nice walk in the crisp outdoors air, a kaleidoscope of color as leaves fall from the trees, decorative carved pumpkins in anticipation of Halloween, the cool breeze blowing the fast food wrappers around in endless circles and lots of cigarette butts dotting the roadsides…. What???

Yes, unfortunately, we are once again addressing the issue of roadside litter invading our little slices of heaven that we call Camden and Rockport. It appears to be easier for folks to throw their trash and cigarette butts out alongside the roads and on the sidewalks than to properly dispose of them in one of many trash barrels or cigarette butt receptacles that each town provides.

Members of the Camden and Rockport Police Departments have been made aware of the ongoing litter issue and have listened to concerns voiced by townspeople, according to Police Chief Randy Gagne.

"We take these concerns seriously and have placed more emphasis on the enforcement of littering as well as unsecured loads," Gagne said. This will result in the issuance of more summons for these violations, he said.

Gagne wants to remind everyone that littering is a violation of Maine Criminal Code Title 17, which states that a person who disposes of 15 pounds or less, or 27 cubic feet or less, of litter is committing a civil violation. The fine for this violation is not more than $500 which may be adjudged in a civil court. In addition, the name and offense can be published in the Police Beat portion of the local news outlets.

As Camden and Rockport police officers cannot be everywhere, Chief Gagne wants everyone to know that when they see somebody littering, they should (when safe to do so) jot down as much information as they can of the incident and let the police department know about it. Again, report it, but be safe in doing so, he said. Papers

To use a phrase that we all know and love, ‘It’s not rocket science,' Gagne said. He points out that "If while traveling in a vehicle and you or a passenger have enjoyed the last morsel from that favorite fast food joint or you have finished that cigarette/cigar, throwing it out the window as you travel through the beautiful communities of Camden and Rockport is not only illegal… it’s not a neighborly thing to do."

As always, if you have any question on this matter or anything else, please call us at the Camden or Rockport Police Department: Camden PD at 236-7953 or Rockport PD at 236-2026. After all, everyone here likes the feel and sights of fall – without the look of litter.