The Rockport Fire Department has a historic vehicle which is in need of temporary housing from a generous individual this winter: a 1928 American LeFrance ladder truck.

The truck measures approximately 54 feet in length, and was acquired by the department in the 1950s. For the past three years the truck has been stored by the Marriner family at their property in Rockport, and Fire Chief Jason Peasley said Sept. 4 that he was very grateful for their generosity.

The truck is currently waiting to be rebuilt, but Steve Laite of Camden Exxon has volunteered his time moving the vehicle from one location to another. Peasley said he hopes that in the future the town will budget for a glass enclosure which will permanently house the truck, as well as serve as a "mini museum" where the department's other historic equipment, ranging from leather helmets and gear to antique brass nozzles, can be publicly displayed.

Peasley said it was important that the truck be housed indoors this winter to prevent any further deterioration from snow and moisture. Those interested in providing temporary storage for the ladder truck can contact Jason Peasley directly at 446-8620.