P.A.W.S. Resident Trainer, Brandi Moore, will be offering group and private training classes starting this fall at P.A.W.S.

Brandi has been training dogs with positive training techniques for 22 years, and has been training dogs at P.A.W.S. for two years. Brandi has worked with over 100 shelter dogs, with various training and behavioral challenges, during that time. She became the shelter’s resident trainer in January, 2018. Brandi’s training goals are to create a trusting bond between you and your dog, learning together using positive reinforcement techniques, while having lots of fun! We are pleased to have Brandi share her passion and experience as our P.A.W.S. resident trainer.

The classes that P.A.W.S. will offer this fall are:

The Doggie Skills Class for Adopted Dogs: This class is for adopted dogs only. (Any adopted shelter or rescue dog). Bond with your rescue dog while learning the training foundations together. This class teaches the foundation skills that will help you and your rescue dog live together in harmony. In this class your adopted dog will learn the training basics. Your dog will learn “sit,” “down,” “stay” and “come.” Also covered is loose-leash walking and what to do if your dog jumps up.  There will be a few more useful and fun skills taught too.

Do you have a “wild child?” The Focus and Fun Class might be the way to go. Do you sometimes wonder if your best friend might suffer from a touch of canine ADHD? If so, then this is the class you’ve been looking for. We’ll work on teaching your dog to focus on you. Then we’ll channel your dog's energy into working together with you to learn the training basics, better manners and other fun skills.

Brandi will also offer private lessons for adopted dogs. With one-on-one private training sessions, she will give you hands-on lessons in handling and training your dog. Your dog learns all the skills from the group class but without the distractions of other dogs.

Our P.A.W.S. dog-training partners also offer a variety of additional dog-training classes in the P.A.W.S. Community Room. Please, check out long-time P.A.W.S. training partner, Annette MacNair’s (Oh My Dog!) fall lineup of classes at ohdog.us.

Royan Bartley, of Keep Your Pet, will be offering the Keep Your Pet Calm with Strangers and Other Dogs class. If you have a dog that is overly reactive toward strangers and/or other dogs, this is the class for you. You will learn how to handle your dog confidently in public while using positive reinforcement clicker-training methods to modify behavior. Royan is a companion animal behavior consultant focusing on pet behavior problems.  For more info go to keepyourpet.net.

For more info and to register for dog training classes at P.A.W.S., check out our website: pawsadoption.org/dog-training-classes  P.A.W.S. is located at 123 John St., Camden. Our phone number is 236-8702.