An acute shortage of skilled workers such as plumbers and electricians is behind the delay in the work at Oceanside High School.

The lower level where the locker rooms were and will be located remains gutted as it was during the spring.

Business Manager Peter Orne said the latest estimate he heard was after Thanksgiving for the lower level to be completed but acknowledged it might be longer.

He said plumbing and electrical lines needed to be installed before additional work there can continue. He said the district is also working to correct a long-known drainage problem at the school.

The locker room demolition was done in late March.

An elevator will be installed to reach the lower level of the school, largely under the gymnasium. The elevator will be accessed from the main corridor near a custodian closet.

At the same time, work continues on the 7,600-square-foot addition to Oceanside High, including a new kitchen, cafeteria and main entrance to the school. The new cafeteria will be twice the size of the current one, and the kitchen will be larger and modern. The main entrance will be located about where the current outside entrance to the cafeteria is.

That project is expected to be completed by the end of the school year.

The current kitchen will be converted into new administrative offices. The cafeteria will be converted into a multi-purpose room and more space behind the auditorium. That work is expected to be done by June 2019.

Conversion of the current administrative offices to classrooms as well as work on the parking lot will be done by August 2019. The parking lot will be redesigned, with a bus loop and a separate lane for motorists. There will be more parking spaces as a result of the redesign.

Seniors will be issued parking permits and underclassmen with cars will be allowed to park at the paved area of the MacDougal Park.