The first public document has been released pertaining to an internal investigation concerning complaints by a town employee.

A letter of engagement from attorney Jonathan Goodman states that he will be conducting an independent investigation into a personnel matter on behalf of the town of Rockport and its select board.

The letter, dated Aug. 19, was sent to attorney Ann Freeman of the Portland-based Bernstein Shur law firm; Goodman works for the Troubh Heisler firm, also of Portland. The letter was shared with the Camden Herald by select board Chairman Doug Cole.

"The scope of the representation I have been asked to undertake is to investigate complaints of — by a town employee," wrote Goodman. A portion of the sentence had been redacted.

Goodman stated that his fee will be $250 per hour, although the rate may be adjusted and he may be assisted by other attorneys with different hourly rates. Goodman said that due to the nature of the work, at this stage it would not be possible to anticipate the total cost of the investigation. The LOE states the town will be responsible for all costs advanced and expenses incurred which are directly related to the investigation.

Goodman said that all original documents which are filed will be returned to the town at the end of the investigation, and all copies will be retained in a vault for eight years; following this period, the file of copied documents will be destroyed unless instructed otherwise by the select board.

"While I can make no guarantee of a successful conclusion to your case, the attorneys from this firm will use their best efforts on your behalf," wrote Goodman. "It is also understood that this firm will not take action on any substantial matter without your consent."

The select board voted unanimously to have an outside party investigate a personnel matter following a closed-door executive session on July 12. The meeting was held in the Geoffrey C. Parker meeting room of the Rockport Opera House.

"The select board will arrange for a third-party investigation into a personnel matter," said Cole following the meeting.

An agenda for the executive session was distributed by the town office via email the following day, July 13. The only item on the agenda was "Discussion of a Personnel Matter pursuant to 1 M.R.S.A. Section 405(6)(A)."