One of the pleasures of Maine in the summer is spending time outdoors, particularly on or near the water. A new local business, Wanderlust Camden, is devoted to providing outdoor aquatic adventures through their customized trips by kayak, paddle board or boat, allowing people, who may not be aware of some of Maine's waters or own aquatic equipment, a convenient and memorable experience.

Wanderlust Camden is the brainchild of owner/operator Ali Farrell, who was raised in Massachusetts and had visited Camden throughout her childhood, exploring Maine's mountains and sea with her father. After working in Boston for years, Farrell decided to change her career path and her environment, and relocated to Maine.

"I spent 10 years in the highly competitive and stressful world of Real Estate in Boston. I realized to be genuinely happy I’d have to completely revamp my lifestyle. Enter Wanderlust Camden. This community is exactly where I want to be and a passion business is what I wanted to run. I’m feeling so grateful that my main goal is now to make our guests smile and walk away with an experience they’ll talk about for the rest of their lives," said Farrell on Aug. 1.

Farrell said that one of the biggest challenges getting the project off the ground was having the guts to take a leap and build something she was passionate about.

"I do have experience in start-ups and know they can go either way quite easily. This summer was an amazing start for us and I’m very happy to say we’re only growing stronger. I’m so grateful to have taken that leap!"

When a client approaches Farrell, she tailors a trip for them based on their desires: ocean or lake? Kayak or paddle board? Island jaunt with a lobster bake or coasting down a river with a tasting of local wines to cap-off the night? All food, beverages and supplies are provided.

Farrell currently runs the company along with Doug Teel, a Certified Maine Master Guide.

"Doug loves to fish, boat, hike, hunt, basically a master of all that is outdoors. If you’re looking to catch some huge fish, he’s your man," said Farrell, whose preferred method of navigating the water is atop a paddle board.

"I fell in love with paddle boarding while down in Hawaii years ago. It’s always something that makes me happy the second I get out there. Others seem to find the same! It’s easier than some think," said Farrell, who caters to the needs of a group of adults or those of a family with small children.

Her supply of aquatic vessels includes a bevy of large outlandish inflatables such as a giant winged unicorn.

Additionally Farrell is a professional photographer and can provide her adventurers with album-worthy images of their trip. Farrell said she has always felt close to the Midcoast community, which helped make her decision to open Wanderlust that much easier.

"The response has been really great, and I'm blown away by the support of our amazing little community. Many locals have come out, loved it and spread the word to both tourists and friends. A referral is just the greatest compliment we can receive," said Farrell.

Information about the services Wanderlust Camden provides and planning a trip can be found at