Members of the public are invited to participate in a clean-up of Mary Lea Park in downtown Rockport at noon on July 24. Organized by members of Keep Rockport Beautiful, volunteers will be assisted by members of the Public Works Department to restore some of the park's pathways.

Much of the gravel which covered the walkways needs to be replaced, along with the black anti-weed fabric underneath it. Volunteers will help edge the walkways and spread pea gravel, as well as remove some of the undergrowth from the park's shrubbery. Tools that would be helpful in the project include wheelbarrows, shovels and landscape rakes.

If there is an overwhelming public turn-out, volunteers may also be assigned to help thin the shrubbery at Goodridge Park, across the street. The rain date for the clean-up is July 26, and participants may RSVP by calling Diane Hamilton at the Rockport Town Office at 236-0806.

Located on Central Street in the heart of downtown Rockport, Mary Lea Park is situated on a hillside which offers visitors sweeping views of Rockport Harbor. The "Mary" in the park's name acknowledges Mary Louise Curtis Bok Zimbalist, who who gifted the space along with other properties to the town.

"Lea" acknowledges Lea Luboshutz, a well-known violinist and friend of Mrs. Zimbalist. Over the years Luboshutz gave numerous benefit concerts each summer to raise money for special projects in the town. The park was designed by Stubby Wheeler, a popular Rockport horticulturist, and Irene Wolf, Luboshutz's daughter.