Knox County Dispatch received a call from a driver near Pushaw's General Store in Hope on July 2 reporting that a number of pigs were running amok on Route 17, near the Hope and Rockport town line.

Maine State Police responded to the scene, as did Hope Animal Control Officer Heidi Blood. Throughout the early afternoon calls continued to come in over the police scanner, with concerned drivers reporting the pigs reappearing on the busy road.

Blood said on July 3 that the Sheriff's Department was able to locate the property where the pigs had been kept. The pigs were initially returned to the property but were then able to escape from their fencing again. During this time efforts were made to locate the animals' owner, the name of whom has not yet been released.

According to Blood, the pigs were kept at a property near Grassy Pond. She inspected the enclosures and the structures where the pigs were housed to ensure that they had proper shelter, as the heat could have been a contributing factor to their escape. She said that when the property owner arrived she made recommendations to him including that he shore up the fencing. A written warning of animal trespass was also issued.

Blood said that five pigs in total escaped, aged approximately four months each. All of the animals were returned home safely. The owner told her that he had raised pigs in the past, and had never experienced such an escape previously.