The Rockport Harbor Festival took place on June 30, and featured live music by the Ale House String Band and the Jason Spooner band as well as a variety of food and entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Held at the Marine Park, the festival lasted for six hours and party-goers enjoyed freshly prepared pizza from Flatbread Company which was baked on-site in a brick oven, as well as shucked oysters from BP's Shuck Shack. A number of schooners were also moored at the harbors edge, which included the Appledore, the Grace Bailey, the Mercantile and the Mistress. The schooner Heron served it's own "Andre's Ice Cream" up from a stand on one of the harbor's piers.

A maritime slide show was presented during the festival, and a number of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles were on display. Another highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the newly-restored sculpture of Andre the Seal. The limestone sculpture had undergone a recent series of repairs to the iconic seal's head, which were completed by sculptor Andreas von Huene.