On June 22, Herbal Revolution opened its doors in a new retail and shipping space at 148 West St., in Rockport. The grand opening celebration featured local vendors, snacks, and a variety of the company's natural elixirs, tonics and teas.

Owner/operator Kathi Langelier began Herbal Revolution in 2010 with a goal of providing natural plant-based wellness products. The plants which are used in the tinctures and cider-based tonics she has developed are all grown at her farm in Union, and then made in small batches at High Mountain Hall, in Camden.

Since launching the the brand, Herbal Revolution has seen constant annual growth. Langelier's products are sold at some 200 stores across the country, including Whole Foods, and the line has recently been picked up by HomeGoods and Hannaford stores. With the increasing demand for the product, a need for extra work space for processing orders presented itself, and the new location on West Street seemed serendipitous.

"My employees were handling the majority of shipping from my farmhouse in Union, and things were getting tight. I thought that having a small retail and shipping space on Route 90 in Rockport would be great because a lot of people in this area already order products off the website, and this way they would have a chance to come in in-person and get them," said Langelier.

Having a presence in Rockport is part of Langelier's vision of extending the business' presence in the Midcoast community, and hopes that customers will be encouraged to stop by the new location, discover the product line and ask questions. The new shop will also feature some special, seasonal products which are not available online, including lilac and rhubarb bitters as well as a white pine elixir.

Langelier said she started Herbal Revolution to combat stress and strengthen immune systems through a variety of botanical remedies. In late July, she plans to open up her farm in Union to the public, and offer tours of the property on which all of the plants are cultivated.

"We offer wellness products, and these are products that are meant to be used in everyday life. I believe in using food as medicine and medicine as food, and make medicine which is delicious as well, so that people enjoy the experience," said Langelier, who urges against waiting until you're sick to take a wellness tonic or remedy, but instead to make it part of one's lifestyle.

The Rockport Herbal Revolution retail space will be open on an intermittent basis, and Langelier encourages passersby on Route 90 to keep an eye out for the store's "Open" sign for a spontaneous visit. More information about the products can be found at HerbalRev.com