The annual town meeting in Warren June 19 showed voters agreed upon this year's reduced budget.

With the select board and budget committee agreeing on all but two items, there appeared to be little reason for debate, allowing business to be completed in less than an hour.

The amount to be raised by taxation using estimated revenues for the municipal budget was $1,155,072, which is a $90,079 decrease from last year.

Town Manager Bill Lawrence credited the moderate growth in single-family housing, which has brought in an additional $35,000 to the town's tax base to help with the increase of $63,016 on the revenue side.

Residents approved the amount of $43,520 for the Board of Selectmen, which includes a $200 stipend for each of the five board members.

The amount of $232,538 was passed for general protection. After some questioning, Lawrence explained that general protection includes dispatch services and insurance deductibles, among other things.

Under the capital improvement plan reserves line, the amount of $402,900 passed, with $4,500to be used to purchase a hay blower. Lawrence said the town had intended to buy a used one for $2,500, but now would have to buy new.

Warren residents elected Jan MacDonald to the select board over incumbent Carole Courtenay in the only contested municipal race June 12.

Incumbent James Kinney retained his seat on the board for another three years.

Other municipal positions filled included Saralee Andrews for RSU 40 Board of Directors; Clayton Winchenbach and Edward Courtenay for three-year terms on the Warren Sanitary District, and Mark Waltz and Daniel Davey to serve out the remainder of their terms on the WSD board.

There were write-in candidates for the two other vacant seats that remain available on the RSU 40 Board of Directors, one expiring in 2019 and the other in 2020. Morgan Hynd accepted the nomination for the seat that expires in 2020. The other remains open.

Pamela Mason and Paul Andrews were voted into two of the four budget committee spots, the other two were left open. Carole Courtenay was voted into the vacant budget committee position and will finish the two-year term. Edward Courtenay and George Knutson were elected fish wardens.

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