The Carson Emma left from the Friendship Public Landing the morning of June 12 with the crew and 25 would-be pirates from Friendship Village School, along with several chaperones.

Capt. Andrew Simmons, father of third-grader Corrie, volunteered his time and boat to take the students of Esther Chamberlin's third-grade class and Kay Flanagan's second-graders on a “Pirate Ship” boat ride to Cranberry Island in Muscongus Bay.

Andrew and his brother Keith Simmons, father of second-grader Colby, are both lobstermen; they were assisted by sternman Carlos Arteaga.

Andrew dressed in pirate garb and welcomed the kids aboard.

Upon arriving on the island, the boat unloaded on a wharf owned by Bubba Lee, and the visitors used the lawn and property of Brenda Winslow for their adventure.

The day consisted of pirate-themed games, such as capture the pirate flag, who stole my key and a reading by Flanagan of "The Pirate Jamboree."

On the way back, the boat stopped and Arteaga hoisted up a trap to show what was inside — a few lobsters and a crab — which the students all got a turn holding. Arteaga showed how to measure a lobster to see if it is good to keep or should be thrown back.

Flanagan said the trip was for fun, as well as to teach the students the importance of the fishing industry and the ocean overall.