Voters approved the 2018-19 municipal budget June 14 at the town meeting.

The meeting in the Hope Elementary School gym started promptly at 6:30 p.m., with 26 articles to discuss. Articles 1-4 were decided at the polls on June 12th. Articles 4-5 passed without dispute.

Article 6 asked voters to decide what amount, if any, to raise and appropriate for extra winter roads treatment. A motion was made to fund the extra roads treatment with $20,000, but was rejected. Voters approved $0 for the item. Articles 7-9 regarding tax dates and interest rates on taxes passed without any dispute.

Voters approved appropriating the amount of $567,700 from non-property tax revenues to help fund the total municipal budget and reduce the property tax assessment (Article 10). The Board of Selectmen recommended $562,700. The Budget Committee's recommendation of $567,700 prevailed.

Voters approved $232,587 for municipal administration (Article 11) and $143,016 for the public safety cost center (Article 12). The amount of $460,856 for public works was approved by voters (Article 13), as recommended by both Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee.

Article 14 addressed funding for reserve accounts. Voters approved $45,500, following both Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee recommendations. Articles 15-25 passed without any dispute or changes. Voters agreed it was unnecessary to vote by written ballot to increase the property tax levy limit (Article 26).

To view the original town meeting warrant, visit the town of Hope’s website,