“She has a lot of customers,” Jacoby Acorn, age 7, said as he was leaving Friendship Hair Salon after getting a haircut.

Owners Amy Holmes and Brandon Olsen have had their new full-service salon open for six months. Holmes is originally from Presque Isle, but made the move down to Friendship three years ago with her 7-year–old daughter, Haddee Holmes, after she met Olsen, who is a Friendship native. Holmes still owns a hair salon up in Presque isle and has been doing hair for 20 years.

What makes their new salon interesting is the fact that it is modeled after a tiny house. Holmes said she loves the idea of a tiny house and a “tiny business,” and just prefers the small quaintness of it.

In Presque Isle, Holmes was involved with the Amish community and always found them interesting people. Because of this, Holmes and Olsen gave a design of what they wanted for the salon to the Amish and had them build it. They constructed the outside, and Olsen worked long, hard hours to complete the interior.

Holmes had her first-ever haircut donated to charity in this salon Wednesday, June 6. Not only one donation, but three all at once. Mother Chrissy Simmons and her two daughters, Bailey Burns, 3, and Josie Burns, 5, all came in to cut at least 12 inches off their hair to donate to Wigs for Kids.

Simmons said they had always had really long hair, and they didn’t grow it out for this purpose, but decided since it was summer and time for a haircut it was better to donate it than to just throw it away.

Simmons said she decided to donate to Wigs for Kids because, “They [her children] are kids, and the wigs go to kids, so I thought it made sense for them to donate their hair to this organization.”

The community of Friendship is excited about having a salon, because before Friendship Salon opened, there was only a barber shop. Holmes has about half male clients and half female clients, and said she looks forward to what the future of the salon holds.