Oceanside Middle School replaced book reports and math tests with swords and kings as they closed out a medieval unit with the annual Medieval Day June 8.

Seventh-graders at the school spent their days this spring studying the Black Death, the Crusades, and the feudal system.

The students chose a specific role from the Middle Ages and researched that way of life. They could choose a person of aristocracy, the clergy or the peasant class. Overall, the students enjoyed the research and taking on the role they chose.

The Shire of Hadchester, a chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, visited OMS to educate the seventh-graders about medieval society and culture. The event took place outside on one of the fields where the SCA members shared recipes for medieval food, weaponry and battle strategies, archery and heraldry. At the end of the day, the two seventh-grade kingdoms fought for the throne.

After the students fought for their kingdoms, the two men, Creig Mills and Matthew Blazek, who taught the students about weaponry and fighting, took their turn fighting for each kingdom in the ring created in the field. There was no clear winner of these battles, with each side winning a few rounds.