Citizens voted in favor of a proposed budget for the 2018-19 year at Appleton Village School during a public hearing on May 24. The total budget for the school year is approximately $2.5 million, up 12 percent or $276,000 from the previous year.

Due to an increase in state education funding for AVS, the amount to be raised in local taxes totals $1.6 million, which is an increase of 6.7 percent from 2017-18. State education revenue will increase to $803,375, for 2018-19, up $169,870 from the previous year.

"It was a very pleasant meeting and although no one likes the increases, I think there has been a lot of communication between all boards and everyone understands the frustration with increases over which we have no control. Now to work on legislation or policies that will help deal with the uncontrollable issues" said School Union 69 Superintendent Dianne Helprin on May 25.

Proposed expenses are as follows:

Regular instruction — $1,064,592, up 16 percent, or $149,064. Gifted and talented instruction, totaling $56,681, is included in regular instruction, and is up 3.4 percent or $1,944.

Special education — $520,942, up 15 percent, or $67,762. Special education increased 26 percent in last year's budget.

Support services for students and staff — $224,749, up 1.9 percent.

Other instruction — $33,760, up 14.3 percent, or $4,218.

School administration — $175,508, up 10.6 percent, or $16,805.

Facilities maintenance — $231,722, up 13.7 percent, or $27,841.

Transportation — $114,900, down 8.8 percent, or $11,025. The decrease in transportation costs is due to a reduction in special needs transportation.

Debt service payments — $58,144, down 1 percent.

System administration, including the School Union 69 superintendent's office and school committee — $92,575, up 5 percent, or $4,571.

School Union 69 includes the Appleton, Hope and Lincolnville K-8 schools. Appleton Village School is located at 737 Union Road.