Former Camden resident, Kerry Gross, is releasing podcasts of interviews with inspiring women and stories from her 2017 cross-country trek.

Gross's journey is part of her project, "Women Who Dare," which evolved from her combined interests: a love of the outdoors and athletics, her studies and professional work in research and statistics, and a persistent desire for change and challenge.

Gross has trained and conditioned to compete in triathlons and adventure racing, which involves running, biking, paddling and swimming. She has completed advanced academic studies in sociology and statistics, and professional work in market research.

Along the way, she found herself involved in male-dominated sports and study, which lead her to ask the question, "Where are the women?"

The answer to that question was not readily available, so she created "Women Who Dare," a quest to find adventurous and inspiring women, to listen to their stories, and to share them with the world.

Gross's interviews follow the route of her 5,800 mile bicycle tour, and another 1,200 miles covered on Amtrak, from San Francisco, Ca. to Camden.

She is releasing podcasts weekly, and explains that, "each week's release will include an episode retelling a portion of the bike journey and as many interviews as were recorded during those travels."

"Women across the country are inspiring others in so many ways," she said. "It's been my honor to talk with so many incredible women. I'm so excited to finally be able to share their stories with the world."

The first group of podcasts feature a diverse group of women Gross met on her travels from the Pacific Coast to the Rocky Mountains.

Abby Vogel, senior captain of Cal Women's Rugby, a Tier 1 Sport Club at the University of California, Berkeley, talks about "learning how to live a high performance athletic life and what it's like to be a rugby 'prop' in everyday life."

Crystal Rutland, president and CEO of Particle Design, in Portland, Ore., talks about her firm's product-engineering work with companies including Jaguar Land Rover, Intel, and DreamWorks, and how she "has structured her company to allow the best ideas come to market."

Brandi Brown, founder and owner of Tahoe Production House, in South Lake Tahoe, talks about founding a film production business as a young woman, "breaking into the film industry, and deciding to make Tahoe home."

Podcasts yet to be released will include "Ann Bancroft, the first woman to reach the North Pole," and "Lorraine Moller, 1992 Olympic bronze medalist in the marathon," according to Gross.

To date, podcasts are available for listening on her website, iTunes and additional applications.