The Waldoboro Police Department posted on its Facebook page Feb. 15 a warning to anyone traveling on Route 220 and Washington Road North to be alert to roofing nails on the road.

Officer Larry Hesseltine is investigating reports of travelers who have experienced flat tires due to nails that are spray-painted black to be harder to see.

"We have received several complaints of this and have narrowed it down to this area," the post said.

Hesseltine said Feb. 20 that since the Facebook posting he has heard from a number of people about the nails.

“Seems a lot of people have experienced flat tires with the majority being the passenger side front tire,” he said.

Hesseltine said he believes the incidents started happening back in August 2017 and continued up until the post last week.

Anyone with information or needing to report an incident is asked to contact Hesseltine at