“You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep” says a Navajo proverb. After seeing the sad, offensive spectacle of Democrats playing Easter Island statues at the State of the Union address, even 75 percent of CBS viewers were finally awakened. The remaining 25 percent are pretending.

Alarms were ringing long before the Jan. 30 speech and they will be sounding even louder in the coming weeks. Cataloging their petulance and duplicity at the SOTU would waste precious space: Hundreds of pictures and videos are easily found online. No American could see those and not be both saddened and infuriated.

Fundamental truths were displayed that night. First, the "The Resistance" is not about policies, but people: The people who embody traditional, fundamental American values and principles that I admire and hold were disrespected and subsequently demeaned. Our president may be the stated target, but refusing to acknowledge the heroes and victims in the gallery shows an attitude toward people who don’t embrace the liberal agenda that, I would hope, all but the 25 percent find unacceptable.

Denouncing as "crumbs" $1,000 tax reductions is particularly hypocritical, coming from a woman who doubtless spends twice that on room service to her $10,000-a-night vacation suites. The Congressional Black Caucus, sitting on their hands over record low Black and Hispanic unemployment, surely raises questions about whether prosperity and success for their constituents is their goal. Can anyone believe those hissing and booing at the president’s generous "DACA deal" want this problem solved? How sad that “Resistance” apparently means frustrating solutions so that problems can be demagogued.

Worse than the SOTU is "the memo," confirming that the "Russia collusion" narrative was never more than a reprehensible campaign dirty trick. Released FBI 302’s, as reported on The Hill website in August 2016, show that Hillary Clinton and her staff disregarded the law, State Department regulations, and security protocols to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act. In so doing they repeatedly exposed, and surely compromised, highly sensitive classified defense information.

James Comey confirmed those abuses July 5, 2016, eight days after the clandestine Clinton-Lynch meeting in Arizona. Simultaneously, but hardly coincidentally, in June 2016 Christopher Steele began writing his series of 17 memorandums known as the "Dossier." Reportedly, the DNC and Clinton campaign funneled $12 million through Perkins Coie to Fusion GPS for "opposition research." The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence confirms Steele received at least $160,000 for working with Russian "sources" to fabricate a salacious but specious collection of assertions about Donald Trump and his campaign. One element has been verified: Carter Page in fact traveled to Moscow. There is nothing to suggest there was anything improper about that trip. Citing "Russian" sources and writing in the style of actual intelligence product gave the dossier a thin cloak of counterfeit authenticity.

Incredibly, the FBI used this unverified dossier as the “essential element” of its application for a warrant to spy on Carter Page, a Trump campaign volunteer. Thank goodness for the integrity of Adm. Mike Rodgers, NSA director, who, as reported Jan. 5 on The Conservative Treehouse website, visited Trump Tower Nov. 17, 2016, the day before President-elect Trump moved his transition team to Bedminster, N.J. Two other reports on these events may be found in a story from Nov. 17, 2016, on the Washington Times website and a story from Jan. 6 on the Glock Talk website.

The partisan FBI operatives have now been exposed and are, hopefully, headed to unemployment and disgrace. Whether there was any basis for the Mueller investigation more substantial than the dossier and whether the special counsel was Peter Strzok’s "insurance policy" will also soon be known, but his own words unequivocally confirm that Strzok knew the entire "Russia collusion" narrative was fiction.

That we came only one election away from losing our republic to a thugocracy befitting Venezuela, Cuba or Honduras should awaken all but those pretending. Many Americans have been "asleep," raising their families, paying their own bills, helping their neighbors where they can, and being quiet rather than suffer liberal bullying. it’s time for us all to recognize that bullies don’t stop until they run home to Mommy with a bloody nose. It’s time to wake up, read up, stand up and choose up. It’s time to take note of who opposed the release of the HPSCI memo and who disgraced themselves at the SOTU.

In 2016, the people of this country turned out and bloodied the arrogant, corrupt Obama/Clinton/Lynch cabal. They also bloodied an arrogant, effete "media" that didn’t just presume to know what people were thinking, but that they controlled it. The choices we make this year are just as important as those in 2016 and why that’s so will be covered by candidates, honest journalists, and Another View in the coming campaign season. Please pay attention!