Climate Solutions Caucus

Did you know that there is a group in the U.S. Congress called the Climate Solutions Caucus? It has 70 members, 35 Republicans and 35 Democrats. Members of the House of Representatives can only join if they do so with a member of the other party!

This caucus is the result of the diligent work of members of the Citizens' Climate Lobby, a national organization whose sole mission is to create the political will to support federal legislation that effectively addresses climate change.

The legislation it supports is a carbon fee or tax on fossil fuels at the source of production or port of entry. This fee would raise prices on fuel and products made from them. The income collected by the fee will be distributed to each household in the U.S. Meanwhile, the fee will encourage all who use fossil fuels to use less, including the energy sector and manufacturers. Being market-based, this legislation is endorsed by many conservatives, and seen as an effective first step by those on both left and right.

There are 452 Citizens' Climate Lobby Chapters now, with more arising all the time. There are chapters in Bangor, Portland and Brunswick with several more in formation!

A new chapter is forming here in the Midcoast. On Sunday, Feb. 18, a member of the Brunswick chapter of CCL is coming to lead a workshop to introduce the values, methods and practices of CCL to those interested in finding out more about how this fast growing, quiet, person-to-person movement works.

If you despair as you witness the dismantling of the EPA, even as we watch the evidence of Climate Change grow, come join us on Feb. 18. CCL is a hope generator! There is a group to be part of that IS making a difference.

The Citizens' Climate Lobby Workshop will take place Sunday Feb. 18, from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., at Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 15 Wesley Lane , Rockland. The church is located across from the Chickawaukie swimming area on Route 17.

FMI: call Jean Matlack at 207 975 6542, or Michael Leonard 207 975 9150.

Explore the CCL website at It is a great place to start!

Jean Matlack



Support Solar Energy Bill LD 1444

By overwhelming numbers and across party lines, Americans support an increase in renewable energy use. Communities across Maine are moving forward with solar projects, despite legislative setbacks. Solar power offers a way for our towns, cities and residents to gain greater energy independence, save money over the long term and do our part to slow the carbon emissions disrupting the climate.

As members of Camden’s Energy and Sustainability Committee, we ask residents throughout Knox County to contact their legislators and request that they support LD 1444, a critical bill this session that will help expand the number of participants in community solar projects from the current limit of 9 to 50. This change could make ownership in community solar projects more affordable, making it easier for residents, businesses and municipalities to benefit from shared solar arrays. (Some communities, like Camden, have already had the size of municipal arrays limited under the current restrictions and could expand solar generation with this change.)

LD 1444 would also prevent the Maine PUC from implementing its new rule giving utilities the right to charge new solar customers for power they generate and use in their own homes and businesses.

Solar installers nationally suffered a setback with the President’s recent decision to impose a tariff on imported solar panels. One way to keep momentum for solar power building in Maine is to ensure that LD 1444 passes – helping to grow clean-energy jobs in Maine and helping cut fossil-fuel pollution. Please urge your state legislators to support LD 1444.

Anita Brosius-Scott, Ken Gross, Peter Kalajian, Brian Robinson, Marina Schauffler


Members of the Town of Camden Energy and Sustainability Committee