State and local law enforcement are investigating a suspected large-scale fraud and theft case that targeted a local seafood business.

Chad W. Salvas, 39, of Rockland, was arrested last May and charged with two felony theft and two felony forgery charges. At the time, Jamie Steeves, the owner of J & J Lobster, told police he suspected his dock manager, Salvas, had stolen the money, according to an affidavit filed in court by the Rockland Police Department.

According to the affidavit, Steeves told city police and the Marine Patrol in April 2017 that he had just found out that about $230,000 that was reported to have been paid to the O'Hara company for bait had not been paid to the company.

The formal charges filed in May, however, only state that Salvas is suspected of stealing several thousand dollars.

Police interviewed Salvas in April. He denied wrongdoing, according to the affidavit. He was arrested and charged the following month.

After being charged, Salvas failed to appear for his arraignment in August, and he was arrested again for that failure to appear. His bail of $250 cash was forfeited.

He was subsequently bailed again on $500 cash.

His attorney, Laura Shaw, filed a motion in November to suppress the statements he made to police, claiming he was not advised of his Miranda rights and that police engaged in impermissibly coercive interrogation techniques.

A hearing on that motion has not yet been held.

In last week's Rockland Police Department summary to the City Council, the department stated it "continued working with the Maine Marine Patrol on a large scale fraud/theft investigation."

Police confirmed Monday that the case involved Salvas.

No additional charges have been been filed since the May arrest.