Nicholas von Hoffman, 88, a longtime resident, died Feb. 1, 2018. Mr. von Hoffman was born in New York City, but left the city to attend Loyola University in Chicago. A week later he dropped out and soon after began working with Saul Alinsky, spending the next 10 years as a community organizer working on projects like the Woodlawn Organization on Chicago’s South Side.

In 1963 von Hoffman began a career in journalism, working first for the Chicago Daily News, then as a reporter and later a columnist for the Washington Post. There, according to a staff member, his columns “produced more angry letters to the editor than any other single reporter in the paper’s history.” Von Hoffman continued to stir controversy when, in 1974, he joined conservative columnist James J. Kilpatrick in a weekly face-off on CBS’ "60 Minutes" called Point/Counterpoint.

Von Hoffman also wrote for numerous other publications, published 13 books, wrote several plays and an opera libretto. He is survived by his sons, Alexander, Aristodemos and Constantine. A memorial service will be held later in the year.