The under-construction new school in Owls Head that will serve students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade beginning in August finally has a new name.

The Regional School Unit 13 Board voted unanimously Thursday night, Feb. 1, to accept the recommendation of Superintendent John McDonald to name it the Ash Point Community School.

A survey was conducted that received 336 responses. The option of Owls Head Community School received 177 votes and Ash Point Elementary School received 112 votes. There were also 47 votes for other names, the superintendent said.

The superintendent said in a community as large as RSU 13, a total of 336 responses was not statistically significant.

He said when he met with South Thomaston residents during the discussion of Schools of Our Future, he promised them that the new school being built in Owls Head would be their school as well.

He said naming the new school Owls Head Community School would give a message that the school was an Owls Head school. The school will educate students from Owls Head, South Thomaston and some from Rockland.

Rockland board member Carol Bachofner said she opposed naming it Ash Point Elementary School, because the acronym of that name would be APES and people could make fun of it.

"That would not be so cool," she said.

But she agreed to support the slightly modified name of Ash Point Community School.

Board member Ron Gamage of Thomaston questioned naming it Ash Point, saying that Ash Point is located beyond the Knox County Regional Airport.

Board member Nancy Jeffers said she attended both the Gilford Butler School in South Thomaston and the Owls Head Central School and likes the Ash Point name.

"This definitely designates a different building," Jeffers said.

The new school will have two stories, with a first-floor footprint of 28,000 square feet. There will be classrooms on both floors.

The general contractor for the Owls Head school is Blaine Casey of Augusta, which was the low bidder at $7,678,275. The new school was designed by architect Jason Merriam.

The existing Owls Head Central School will be demolished this summer when the new school is completed.

The current Owls Head school was built in 1952. Once the new building is completed, the Gilford Butler School in South Thomaston will close and the 1955-built building will be offered to the town. Owls Head Central serves students in grades three through five and Gilford Butler kindergarten through second grade.