Visitors to Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County Jan. 31 were greeted by a fairly unfamiliar animal — Gubby, a 5-month-old miniature pot-bellied pig.

The shelter recently acquired Gubby from a family that had purchased him on Craig's List, and then decided maybe it wasn't such a terrific idea.

The shelter is now accepting applications for possible adoptees, while the playful creature awaits being neutered, which it is said will help with the animal's unique odor.

The staff has adorned the front visitation room with references to "Charlotte's Web" and provides plenty of spinach and carrot treats — much to Gubby's pleasure.

He squeals with delight when he is picked up, and loves attempting to gnaw on various shoes and other unfamiliar things.

Gubby especially likes to play hide-and-seek with one of his plush blankets.

The shelter warns on its Facebook page, "While pot-bellied pigs may be all the rage on social media, with adorable photos of them sporting little rubber boots or dressed in a hat for a tea party with the kids, they can be stubborn and challenging and are unrelenting in their quest for food."

Anyone interested in becoming the recipient of Gubby's loving grunts and squeals can fill out an application at PMHSKC.

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