For two days in a row, drivers traversing the busy intersection of Routes 1 and 90 in Rockport on Jan. 18 and 19 were forced to carefully negotiate a blinking traffic light.

The ten traffic lights suspended above the roads had stopped functioning properly as early as Thursday morning, during a time when school buses brought students to the nearby Camden-Rockport Elementary School and Camden Hills Regional High School.

On Thursday and Friday, lights facing traffic on Route 1 were blinking yellow, and lights facing Route 90 were blinking red. The intersection also borders the two driveways of the popular Market Basket food shop.

The Rockport Public Works Department said Friday morning that the lights are operated by the state, and that the company that services them, A.D. Electric, had been notified. The lights began to operate properly on Saturday, but no response was provided by public works as to the source of the problem.

In September 2015, the town of Rockport began a project in conjunction with the Maine Department of Transportation to add a crosswalk to the intersection, spanning Route 1 and connecting the Market Basket to the empty lot on West Street where the Rockport Elementary School once stood. The MDOT installed a crosswalk signal, and the town's public works department built portions of raised sidewalk to anchor the signal, and which run partially down West Street.

in 2015, Town Manager Rick Bates said this was part of a larger plan that the Rockport Pathways Committee has envisioned, to build a raised sidewalk running from the intersection along Route 90 to the current elementary school, Camden Hills Regional High School, and to the Erickson Fields Preserve. Bates said this was part of the pathways committee's goal to make Rockport more walkable.